Attention Parents, Homeschoolers,  And Educators !!!  

If you are a parent, homeschooler, educator with school going children (between 5-18), who are struggling with academic and social success, there are 3 core problems affecting your child/children. Let me help you ensure your child's/children's academic and emotional success mindfully, without stress build-up and overwhelm. 

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Could this be your child/children?


Do you think or find your child lazy? Careless? Disorganized?

Do you at times find them too forgetful? Lacking in motivation to read?

Or do you find them procrastinating on chores or homework? Frequent melt-downs?

Imagine if you could have a child who has ...

Increased self-esteem hence more confident

Acquired habits and strategies that attribute to increased academic progress and social interactions in varied environments. 

More balance

Developing and eventually consistent skills and strategies that help them manage procrastination, overcome resistance and avoidance. 

Improved relationships

Gradually evolving skills that enhance their emotional regulation capabilities when they are dysregulated amongst their peers and adults alike. 

Guess what? You are not alone.

After being a full-time educator for 12+ years and a parent of 2 adult children, I noticed a pattern in  a lot of children, both neurotypical and neurodiverse and with varied intellectual quotients. Challenges in time management, procrastination, low self-esteem, poor emotional regulation in some children more than others. One thing stood out to me about these children struggling in these areas and I noticed a pattern. They are not trying to be 'difficult' or 'naughty' as society would often brand them and more often than not, it is/was out of their control. For some reason, I was always compassionate towards such children due to the fact that they often fall into the hands of 'strict discipline measures' repeatedly due to the fact that the underlying issues are not or were not being tackled. If this sounds like your child, you have come to the right place. I embarked on an intensive research process to understand the underlying issues through a MSc  of Psychology and I am here now to help you navigate your parenting/teaching journey to help you ensure your child's academic and social success, through the scientific research I embarked on. Let me help you calm the storm and relieve you of your unnecessary stress and overwhelm.


The Awakened Parenting Program

An online mentorship program aimed at helping YOU guide your neurotypical or neurodiverse child to  thrive  both academically and emotionally. 

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You will discover how to...


Test your child and discover the key areas that they need help with to thrive academically and socially.

 Embark on supportive modules that are geared towards strengthening your child's areas of weaknesses that could do with enhancement strategies. 

Engage in implementing strategies with your child that can foster and help them acquire the necessary skills that can enhance their ultimate academic and social success.

Our Proven Process

"The SURF Method"

The Simple Practical Path To A Happier, Stable, More Relaxed Child

Plus you get these Bonuses

Free modules

Once you have gone through the process of sorting the 4 main areas that  could be hindering your child's success. You will receive an extra 8 modules to enhance their academic and social success.

Access to a private community

You will get to join a private Facebook community of like minded people for support.

Mindfulness Twist

The program is developed with a mindfulness twist to help you stay emotionally regulated as you go through the implementation process. 

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Meet Your Porgram Guide


I'm Carol. I am an educator  who boasts of over 14 years, in the teaching profession, with 2 years focused on teacher-trainee mentorship. I recently transitioned into the behavioural science space and I currently serve as a Mindfulness Teacher/Licensed Counsellor.  I designed this self-paced online program with a mindfulness practice twist attached to it due to my passion and desire to help all children thrive academically and socially through Awakened parenting strategies that are driven by compassion, lowering stress levels and overwhelm in both the students and caregivers. 




Here's Why You'll Love Us

Professionally built

The curriculum is carefully crafted in order to optimize for success and results. Available on your desktop or mobile App.

Integrated learning styles

The lessons are tailored to cater for the varied visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. 

Short and Sweet

Lessons are kept to digestible snippets so you are not overwhelmed and actually have time to commit. 

Self-study feature

Self-paced independent modules loaded with knowledge and practical tips to help you develop and sustain a mindful practice that will help you manage and mitigate stress successfully. 

This Program is for you if: 

  • You're willing to take an active role in your child's/students life and will engage in the necessary work of putting systems in place to help them succeed. 
  • You're a parent/educator looking for strategies to help frustrated, overwhelmed and most often emotionally dysregulated children, gain tools for school and life.
  • You are looking to help a child who is often described as 'not working to their full potential'. 

This Is NOT for you if: 

  • You ae looking for a 'quick-fix' to help your child as it requires time and effort to be able to see results. 
  • You are not willing to work with your child to implement the strategies suggested. 
  • You are not team work oriented as it requires a lot of collaborations between you and your child and other caregivers involved in their lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Acquired badges

Testimonials from parents whose children i've taught & mentored... 

As a parent of two of Carol's previous students, I have never had a more wonderful experience with a teacher, and not just as a parent, but the sincere connection she had was with my daughters that has continued on till this day. Her profession is truly a calling and this could be seen through the way she taught and took care of my daughters and continues to play a role in their lives. I am blessed to have met her. 

Wangeci - parent.

I believe you are in the right place if you are looking for a professional that will give your child a positive, nurturing, safe space to grow into a confident, social individual equipped with tools to solve problems at his or her level. Carol stood out as a professional from my first interaction with her slightly more than 10 years ago. Her lessons always gave me a feel of a teacher who is intentional in learning styles for they were always tailor-made to bring out each child's successful interaction with the session and at the same time note areas to focus on which she would patiently work on with individual children. Walking into her class, one would feel the heart and hear the voice of each child in the room through the positive learning environment space she had created for each one of them. The children owned the learning space, they were encouraged to be innovative and confidently asked questions about their learning. No child found Carol unapproachable. She took time to go down  to the children's level so as to reach their hearts and understand their strengths as well as walk with them through their struggles. Her genuine love for the success of each child was further demonstrated during school productions where she drew out the best from each child to either act, sing, dance or narrate before a live audience. Carol was and is still that genuine friend that each child looks for in his or her teacher. 

Florence - colleague and parent.

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The sooner you start, the sooner you will begin to experience a transformation in your child's academic and social success hence a happier more content and fulfilled child. Subsequently a less stressed and overwhelmed parent/educator/homeschooler.

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Your Guarantee, Refund, And Return Policies

My guarantee to you is that the course content, when implemented will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you'll get results. Because of the material shared and the time put into creating this course, I do not offer refunds. If there is a discrepancy or feedback that would warrant a refund, I will consider  on a case by case basis. It is my hope that the outline and information makes it clear what to expect from the course.

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Awakened Parenting Program ( 1:1 Mentorship)



  • One time payment
  • 12 modules of guided lessons
  • 12 weeks program
  • 12 hours of LIVE GROUP ZOOM SESSIONS/week + Replays at Clients Convenient Time
  •  GROUP live Q & A ZOOM SESSIONS/week + Replays on Thursday 4pm EAT | 9am EST | 1pm GMT  
  • + Online Course content Access Weekly  + 12 Individual mentorship session outside sessions
  • Facebook Community
  • + Text Support
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